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***WAIT! You can get this Welcome Pack, along with this month's model, by joining our Patreon or MyMiniFactory Tribe for only $3! Existing members, add this item to your cart, and once at checkout, use the coupon code you received.***


Welcome, and thank you so much for joining our Community! This Welcome Pack is the first of several benefits  you will receive as one of our members. It includes the models listed shown below, and new models will be added as we hit membership goals! Models that are added later will be available for both new and existing members (existing members can get newly added models by downloading the Welcome Pack again), so spread the word and preheat your nozzle!*


The Welcome Pack includes:


For the ultimate game table, lay these pieces out on one of our gaming mats (themes include Broken Ground, Scrubland, Fields of Battle, and more). 


Check out our Learning Center or YouTube channel for painting tutorials and other gaming content!





*No hidden meaning, double-entendre, metaphor, codeword, or conspiracy theory implicitly or explicitly implied or supplied by the preceding turn of phrase; void where prohibited by common law and common sense.

Member Welcome Pack