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Hi! My name’s John, and I’ve been a life-long gamer since D&D still used the word “Advanced” as part of its moniker, miniatures were made of lead and didn’t come pre-painted, before CCGs were invented, and before anyone played board games at coffeehouses. I guess that might make me a grognard (but I definitely don’t feel like one!). You can read the long version of how I got started in all of this here.

I've also been making terrain for nearly as long as I've been a gamer, and now I want to help make high-quality, awesome terrain available everywhere! The advent of affordable consumer-level 3D printing means that it's now possible for everyone to have a table full of awesome terrain for any tabletop game! Purchase files or prints, and use Terrainify's tutorials to create the same great pieces you see on our site!

We also do custom work -- either variations on existing designs or completely original pieces. Please get in touch with us if you'd like us to help you make your vision a reality!

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Our Passion is Helping Your Game Come to Life

We are dedicated to providing tabletop gaming terrain that is durable, playable and visually stunning.


Terrainify models are designed with two mindsets: first, that the STL files are a breeze to print, assemble and paint, for beginners and experts alike. Second, that the finished models are an asset and a pleasure to use on the game table.

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