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Transform your game to a dynamic land of battle and adventure.


This bundle contains 10 pieces from the Spires and Plateaus terrain set (please check out the individual listing for each piece to see a more detailed view):

1. Single Spire A (Small version)
2. Single Spire B (Small version)
3. Single Spire C (Small version)
4. Single Spire D (Small version)
5. Double Spire A (Small version)
6. Double Spire B (Small version)
7. Triple Spire A
8. Multi-Spire A
9. Multi-Spire B
10. Archway (Small version)


For the ultimate game table, combine this model with other models from our Spires and Platues terrain set, and lay it all out on a matching gaming mat for a seamless look.


Purchase the STL file of this model here.

Spires and Plateaus Deluxe Bundle

PriceFrom $419.95