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Adulting forces us to make thousands of decisions every day. The Mega Bundle for our "Sandstone" gaming mat takes some of those decisions off your hands. Do you want the 3x3? The 8x4? Is the 22x30 too small or is it just right? UGH! Give yourself a break and get the Mega Bundle, which includes the whole baker's dozen (aka thirteen) of sizes of the gaming mat. It's 30% off buying them individually, and you'll have everything you need for an amazing game table of any size. 


Sizes Included
    - 1.5 feet x 1.5 feet

    - 2 feet x 2 feet

    - 2 feet x 3 feet

    - 3 feet x 3 feet

    - 3 feet x 4 feet

    - 3 feet x 6 feet

    - 4 feet x 4 feet

    - 4 feet x 6 feet

    - 4 feet x 8 feet

    - 22 inches x 30 inches Skirmish

    - 44 inches x 30 inches Combat Patrol/Incursion

    - 44 inches x 60 inches Strike Force

    - 44 inches x 90 inches Onslaught


-For tabletop wargames and RPGs

-After downloading, use these digital files to order a print from the printing service of your choice.


If you're looking for a different size or theme, we have a variety of gaming mat designs, all available in thirteen sizes. Also, consider complementing your new gaming mat with pieces from one of our terrain sets, like Dynamic Hills or Ghost Stones! You can get our terrain STLs, unpainted, and fully painted pieces here at



Sandstone Gaming Mat: Mega Bundle

  • Files are for personal, non-commerical use only. Please help support a small business and fellow gamer -- do not sell or distribute files or sell prints. Please see the STL Licensing Agreement for additional information. Thank you!

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