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Is it called Dragon Perch because the dragon watches the world from the top, or because from the right angle, the rock formation looks like the head of a dragon?


Dragon Perch may be one of our most impressive pieces yet. The 10 inch heigth allows you to take your game play vertical. Multiple levels, nooks and crannys, various rocks, and a possible water feature make this piece a great option for when you want an epic adventure but are a little limited on table space.


Transform your game to a dynamic land of battle and adventure. For the ultimate game table, combine this model with other Terrainify models from our Craggy Hills or Dynamic Hills terrain sets, and lay it all out on one of our gaming mats (themes include Broken Ground, Fields of Battle, and more). 


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Dragon Perch - STL

  • Dragon Roost prints in 7 parts. You will receive a