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Terrainify files every month?
Yes, please.

Spires and Plateaus Multi Spire B in Scrubland theme.jpg

As of November 2022, you can now enjoy Terrainify via a Patreon subscription! Be one of the first 100 subscribers to support us on Patreon at the Founders Level, and get your subscription locked in at the super-low early bird rate of $3/month.

This low monthly cost for the rewards below is our way of saying "thank you" to the founding patrons who help us get this project off the ground.  There are 100 Founders Level slots, and once they are filled, the price for patrons who join afterwards will increase. 

Head over to Patreon to sign up now!

Dynamic Hills group in sandstone maybe.jpg

Patreon Membership Includes:

  • STL files for one different terrain model every month 

  • New subscribers receive a Welcome Pack of assorted terrain STL files

  • Exclusive discount codes for

  • Painting tutorials for our over two dozen terrain Themes

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