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In your quest to achieve gaming greatness, we at Terrainify are here for you, and so is “Wasteland,” a digital file featuring original artwork by Terrainify. Do you need a high quality product to impress your friends - but at a budget-friendly price? “Wasteland” fits the bill - and your budget. Did Greg left a water ring on your gaming table again (seriously, Greg, again?) and you’re tired of working around “the white circles of mystery” in your gameplay and want to cover them with a more playable landscape? The dynamic contouring and coloring of “Wasteland” fits a wide range of gaming scenarios. Is your OCD kicking in, and you want a game mat that not only looks thematically appropriate for your battle or adventure, but also has pristine, crisp image quality?  “Wasteland” looks fabulous from a distance of a few yards or a few inches; you’ll be able to see the texture of the ground beneath your miniatures’ feet. Is there anything more you could want from a gaming mat?  (Well...we tried to get it to put all the pieces away at the end of the game, but without opposable thumbs, it was a no-go.)


-For tabletop wargames and RPGs

-Size: 6 feet x 4 feet

-After downloading, use this digital file to order a print from the printing service of your choice.


If you're looking for a different size or theme, this gaming mat is available in twelve other sizes, and we have a number of varied themes. Also, consider complementing your new gaming mat with pieces from one of our terrain sets, like Dynamic Hills or Ghost Stones! You can get our terrain STLs here at, or if your 3D printer is in the shop (or in the budget for the future!), head on over  to to order unpainted or even PAINTED prints of all the terrain you see here on this website!



Wasteland Gaming Mat - 6x4

  • Files are for personal, non-commerical use only. Please help support a small business and fellow gamer -- do not sell or distribute files or sell prints. Please see the STL Licensing Agreement for additional information. Thank you!

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