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Pedestal Spiral - Outcropping features a wide, relatively flat base with a large rock formation on one end. Outcroppings do not reach the same level of elevation as hills, which helps to create a smoother visual transition from large hills to flat ground. Pedestal Outcropping is a low piece (only two inches at its highest) with a mildly undulating contour and some rocky terrain, making for an interesting game-play experience.  The sides have a rugged, rocky texture.  This piece works well as a stand-alone, but was particularly designed to serve as a transition between a larger, taller piece (say....our Pedestal terrain piece) and the flat surface of the table or gaming mat. 


This image shows Pedestal Outcropping finished in Terrainify's "Broken Ground" theme.


Transform your game to a dynamic land of battle and adventure. For the ultimate game table, combine this piece with other pieces from our Dynamic Hills terrain collection, and lay it all out on a matching gaming mat for a seamless look. 


Purchase the STL file of this model here. 

Pedestal - Outcropping