A small pool of water, spring-fed from underground or fed by magic, is partially hidden from immediate view by a ring of angled stones. 


Note: The "water" is a digital image that needs to be printed out and glued to the model (file included with purchase). Apply a layer of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water to complete the effect and provide a durable protective layer.


For the ultimate game table, combine this model with other Terrainify models, and lay it all out on one of our gaming mats (themes include Broken Ground, Fields of Battle, and more). We also have a wide variety of painting and finishing themes for terrain. This model is shown here in the following Terrainify themes: Loosestrife Valley, Scrubland, and Badlands.


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Mystic Pool

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  • Files are for personal, non-commerical use only. Please help support a small business and fellow gamer -- do not sell or distribute files or sell prints. Please see the STL Licensing Agreement for additional information. Thank you!

  • You will receive a zip file containing 3 files: STL files for Mystic Pool (ring of rocks) and the STUB, and the JPEG image for the blue water (see description for assembly tips)


    Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH): 6" x 5" x .75"


    Recommended layer height: 0.15 - 0.25mm

    Recommended infill: 5-7%

    All files are scalable and supportless.