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Whether used as decorations or as key objectives or centerpieces, Ghost Stones add a mysterious ambiance to any table. Group several together to for an even more impressive effect.


Are you a Ghost Stone fanatic? "I just love them so much! They are so...mysterious! And cool! And...I want them! I want them ALL! I NEED THEM ALL!!!" Well, then this is the bundle for you; satisfy your Ghost Stone craving with nine of our Ghost Stones: Cardioid, Stag, Spiral, Pyre, Diable, Diable-Spike Combo,  Spike Deluxe, Standing Stone Cluster, and Standing Stone-Spike Combo.


For the ultimate game table, pair these pieces with other terrain from the Ghost Stones terrain set, and lay it all out on one of our gaming mats (themes include Broken Ground, Wasteland, Fields of Battle, and more).


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You can purchase painted or unpainted prints of this piece here.

Ghost Stones Deluxe Bundle - STL